Who are we?

Future Farming provides the know-how, supplies the technology, and builds aquaponic farms. We connect intensive fish farming with plant cultivation in water.

The only input into this system is the fish food we make ourselves, and which we control to guarantee its maximum quality. Fish faeces are broken down by bacterial metabolism into a nutrient solution that serves as a natural fertiliser for plants. In the system, plants form a dense root network that effectively cleans the water so that it can be returned to the fish. We create ideal conditions for plant and fish growth through the application of state-of-the-art lighting technologies, measuring units, water heating, etc. In this way, we fully automate both the farm and the production processes.


Director,  aquaponics expert

Michal Fojtík

Director, analyst, economist

Martin Podoba

Director of Farmia Food s.r.o.

Tomáš Krigl

Key account manager

Ondřej Šaier

Partner, business development

Martin Luňák 

Key account manager

Jakub Flek


First meeting of Mr. Fojtík 
and Mr. Luňák

07/ 2018
First meeting of Mr. Fojtík and Mr. Luňák in Brno at Tuřanka. Introduction of aquaponics and plans for the future. The beginning of a great vision.

Establishment of FUTURE FARMING s.r.o.

Establishment of FUTURE FARMING s.r.o. and deposition of the subscribed capital.

Establishment of AQP FOOD

Establishment of AQP FOOD to ensure distribution of produce from aquaponic farms under a single brand and with a high standard of quality.

Start of works on the SENICA project

Purchase of land and project documentation for obtaining the necessary permits.

Search for new suppliers

We were contacted by former subcontractors of Farma pro všechny s.r.o. and Aquaponické farmy s.r.o. who were interested in working together with us.


lLnd purchase, project documentation and permits, commencement of reconstruction and construction works. Commencement of rainbow trout farming.

Initiation of the project FUTURE FARMING HERŠPICE

Signing of lease contract for greenhouses covering an area of 
8 640 m². Preparation for reconstruction and delivery of technology.


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