Our farms

Farms economically - the word of the director

What is our strategy and future vision?

We finance aquaponic farm projects from several different sources. For the majority of projects, we use equity investments. These investors buy the necessary equipment from us, which we take care of for 20 years in our or the investor's premises. This form of cooperation brings us both income from the sale of technology, as well as from the production of the farm itself. It is important to mention that our main business is running farms and selling food. The great advantage for us is that this form of investment does not incur any investment costs, but only operating costs. We also provide capital for them.

We co-own large farm projects with private investors. Here we share profit and costs - for example, the acquisition of the necessary real estate, aquaponic technologies, stocks and feed for fish or vegetable plants. Of course, the know-how remains under our brand. In the future, this form of cooperation makes the most sense and the investor will achieve the most interesting appreciation of the capital.

Smaller private investors, who need, for example, to supplement their investment portfolio with an alternative sector, can also participate in aquaponic farm projects, . In order to enable them to invest in our projects, we have prepared so-called green bonds for them. We also use bank capital to finance our projects. Bond capital and bank capital are mainly used to finance the operation of farms.